Young Mother 101

The first bond between a mother and an infant sparks through breastfeeding. Such intimacy triggers the motherhood phase of women.
But even the 9 months of nurture cannot prepare mothers for his/her first cry.
Young mothers are cautious and experimental when it comes to their firstborns. So even though motherhood is natural, it doesn’t come naturally to all, especially when it comes to breastfeeding.

It is always better to be well prepared before jumping into the next chapter of your life.
Try to look out for these tips during breastfeeding:

Always have a midwife around you for the first couple of weeks after birth. Talk to them, question them and learn from them. Be comfortable to speak out your doubts.
Help understand what positions are best for you and the baby. You’ll need support from them.

▪️Avoid the bites. 
Young mothers nowadays often skip the breastfeeding, being scared of the baby biting them too hard.
To avoid such incidents mothers, should be observant from the start. Understand your child. When do they bite? Why do they bite?
Pull away immediately as a form of punishment, to help them understand their wrongdoings.

▪️Nurturing Yourself. 
Taking care of a baby is exhausting. But that doesn’t mean you stop taking care of yourself. Your own unhealthiness can cost your babies health.
Have nutritious food. Regular naps. Indoor exercises. Always be hydrated before feeding.
Try avoiding soap on your breast, others wise it’ll crack up from dryness. Apply lotion prior to feeding, it’ll make them softer. Remember to nurture both yourself and the baby.

▪️Body changes. 
The baby’s suckling may make one breast look larger than others. Often will come the times when you won’t be able to produce much of the milk. But understand that it’s only natural, your body is adapting and evolving into new beings. You should not get that to your head.
Providing the baby a sufficient diet is all that matters.

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