Where it felt home: school

Too excited to grow up!

Too eager to experience the freedom!

Too furious to leave the walls of school!

Too grown up to be your own master!

Everything was ‘too’, with this ‘too’ came the missing. ‘Too much’ missing.

The emotions that those four walls of my classroom holds, the laughters that my desks still echo, the cries that my last row, last bench still wipes, the books that still smells as fresh as they use to, the teachers whose words of calmess still my heart repeats, the place I today, tomorrow and always want to go back to.

The people their, why didn’t you judge me when I spelled ‘ thankfully’ as ‘thankfuly’ repeatedly? Why didn’t you stare at me when I wore my 2nd class tunic inside out? Why didn’t you point out when I sat with my male best friend?

Why didn’t you stop me from doing anything that doesn’t suits the standards of ‘society’? OR why do they do it now?

I miss you school. I miss us.

Vo bhi kya dinn the!

-Anushka Bhardwaj.

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