“Wait until you have your own”


Not coming home on time?

Not having meals on time?

Not picking up the phone calls?

Not giving them time?

“Why are you always after me? ”


A life coming out of a life is an epitome of human love. No other person has known you, felt you, loved you from the day you were not anything more than just a dot, verge of becoming more. Before you become a part of this world, she gives you a protective environment, so if not live, at least you can grow peacefully. Don’t we crave for such US time? Only you and her. Finally when we are out here to face this world, she is the shield. For you and with you.

The emotion of mother towards her child can never be felt until you have one. Your own. We are so possessive about our materialistic things. Maybe soft toys, clothes, half eaten chocolate, favorite diary, mobile phone and the list is long, the things which were made by some, sold to someone else, reached you through channels. Then think about her, she is your only channel, and how can she not worry about you not worrying about yourself? Understood? No? WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR OWN.

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