Toy car for toddler.

How To Maintain Drivable Toy Cars For Toddlers


Cars have been one of the favourite toys among the kids. Be it remote control or toy cars, they are always fascinating.

As much as kids love drivable toy cars, they can be quite expensive, especially when the parent keeps having to perform repairs or replace a damaged car. Kids can be very destructive. It is not uncommon to hear cases where a child destroyed an expensive toy in less than a day after receiving it. As such, parents need to arm themselves with tips and tricks for maintaining toy cars, some of which are discussed below.

1. Read the Manual First

Since drivable cars are a form of electric toy cars, their operation comes with a level of sophistication that may not be easy to grasp for some parents. Before allowing your kid to play with the toy, you need first fully to understand how it works. Manuals contain all the information you need to know about the toy like how to operate it and the dos and don’ts when using it.

2. Teach Your Child how to Use it

Once you understand how the toy car works, it’s time to let your eager child finally have a go at driving it. You have to be very vigilant at first and guide them every step of the way. Think of it as teaching them how to ride a bike, only cooler. You need to set some ground rules on how and when to play with the car as well as teach them some easy maintenance tips.

3. Find a Storage Space

Before buying a drivable toy car, you need to find a specific space in your home where you can store it when the kids are not playing with it. Choose a size that you know can fit in the designated space as some toys can be quite big. You can keep them in the garage, your kid’s room, the basement, or any other place that can protect it from the outside elements that may damage the car.

4. Mind the Wheels

With most electric cars, the wheels are usually among the first parts to get damaged. Most toys have limitations on the surfaces on which you can drive them on. If your kid loves driving on rocky off-road surfaces, pick an electric vehicle with tires suitable for such surfaces. If you use tires designed for smooth or paved surfaces on rugged terrains, they will easily wear out. Remember to regularly check if the wheels are balanced for safety and balance. If the tires are worn out, replace them as soon as you can with compatible spares.

5. Take Care of the Battery

The battery, like a car engine, is the heart of your electric car. If the battery is damaged, your toy car is also dead. Refer to the manual to find out all recommended actions related to the battery. For instance, always stick to the required duration to avoid overcharging which is a common cause of battery damage. When in need of a replacement, always use batteries that are compatible with your car.

6. Take Care of the Body

Always remember to clean the car every time after use. Wiping it with a damp cloth can work for the daily clean together with a more thorough clean once in a while. Teach your kids to avoid scratching the body to preserve the great looks. When in storage, you can cover the car with a canvas sheet or cloth.

Taking care of drivable toy cars for toddlers should be handled with the same seriousness as a real car. In addition to saving money on repairs and buying new toys, your kids also get to learn on how to be responsible which will not only prolong the life of the toy but also teach them how to take care of their future cars.


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