The Final Verdict.

Candle march, dharna, slogans, social media agitations is a trend. A trend that lasts for couple of days and then vanishes with which vanishes the hope of justice.

16th December 2012 was a night that moved not a girl, her friend, her parents but a nation. The entire nation was traumatized when Nirbhaya Gangrape news came out. Even today, yes, a chill do runs down my spine when I remember even a part of incident. The only incident whose candle march had some candles that didn’t fade away for 7 long years. A long, difficult time. Courts, hearings, dates, pleas’, proofs and trauma. We stopped, NGOs stopped, human rights organizations stopped, women development cells stopped. The one who kept going was the lady of power Asha Devi, mother of the victim. Her daughter lost the battle, she never did. Her only aim was to get justice for her daughter or maybe every daughter of this country. She went to courts she moved Parliament, she expressed her opinions and when the whole nation for ‘hiding’ the identity of the victim naming her nirbhaya, she came out and said, “My daughter’s name was jyoti, I am not ashamed to share this”. When today I heard the news of the final verdict of the capital punishment, it was her image that flashed in my mind. The lone warrior. Our tears were dried up, our candles were melted, our voices went mute. It was she, who kept the fight on.

Where a part of me is relieved with the justice the other half is clearly putting the questions about what took seven long years for this decision to come. The debate will always remain on that is the “justice delayed, justice denied” or “der aaye durust aaye”. Well, we leave this discussion up to the public with a hope, a lot of hope on the government? No. On the men, the parents. Not all men are the same and India record 1 rape in every 4 minutes still. Change has to be made. Today and only today, for a better country, a better world, a better place to be in.

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