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The doll, never out of trend.

Trends come and go. Interests come and go. Addiction might last longer but go. Never went away is the inseparable relationship between the cute little baby girl and her equally cute doll, her companion, her friend and many a times her sleeping partner. There are few toys with which you have a personal connect, you take care of them like something of your own.

Dolls have been never out of trend. My mother played with dolls, my sisters played with dolls, I played with dolls and my daughter will play with dolls. Why is this that with the changing generations, trends, lifestyle still the fashion of dolls is always in. Maybe because dolls. Portray or can portray what a five year old girl might feel. She decorates the doll because she is falling in love with colours, the make up seems attractive to her and using her doll is her way of expressing her self at a tender age.

Then the point also comes why only girls? What makes us segregate toys on the basis of gender? From where comes the theory that cars for boys and dolls for girls? This is a whole new factor of discussion and changing parenthood. These are the mindsets which are instilled in one’s mind through the society. But for now we can only say that dolls can never get out of trend. As long as we have generations and their nexts, the dolls will continue to rule the rooms, dressing tables and the hearts of little princess’ who finds their companions in them. For buying beautiful, reasonable and best quality dolls, visit

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