Siblings: the foes turned friends.

Being a parent is indeed the most beautiful feeling in this world but as they say no beautiful thing comes easy. With parenting comes a plethora of challenges. Today we are discussing about one such challenge which not only affects the parents but the children as well. The relation a child develops with his parents is beyond words. The securities, the love, the comfort, the pampering, the care and of course the feeling of being there apple of the eye is unmatched. But the dynamics do change, with the entry of the infant, the sibling, the child number two. The first child is still a child, craving for love and failing to digest the entry of the ‘new’. He is too small to understand this change and often ends up burdened with insecurity, jealousy and a feeling of being neglected.

Here the role of parents comes into place. You gave immense love to your elder child and now transferring a part of it to the younger one somewhere makes the things complicated. As a parent:

• you can prepare your child for this change by taking his help in preparing things for the yet to be born child.

• prepare your child mentally that you are welcoming someone who is as important to him as his parents.

• develop a sense of responsibility in your elder one so he doesn’t take it as a burden.

• inculcate the importance of family.

• build a trust that you still love him as much as you did before.

• try to spend equal amount of time with both the kids. One parent with one at a time.

• try to give your kids their ‘us time’ and let them bond together.

• don’t make comparisons as no children are same.

• don’t be a ‘santa’ for only one. Goodies for both.

• inculcate a feeling of respect in younger one.

• the younger one should feel such a bond that in absence of parents, sibling is his go to for everything.

Sibling is indeed the best bond in this world. Nobody understands you better than your sibling who turns out to be your best friend, your critic, your confident, your 2 am friend, your go through person and your partner for life.

The onus lies on parents to begin this bond with ease and love so it grows beyond words.

By Anushka Bhardwaj.

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