Raise yourself before raising a child.

Life is full of new challenges, new phases and new responsibilities. Many a times we come across situations which are new to us, situations which are difficult to handle, situations which gives you a lesson for life. When we talk about responsibilities, the biggest one still remains the one to raise a child. When a child is born it’s now only an individual coming to this entirely new world but with him borns a new set of parents. A nervous father, an emotional mother. In general when we think about humans, the most difficult thing is to change someone’s point of view and in the case of parents, they make an entire point of view of a child. Family is said to be the first teacher of any and every child. From teaching then how to walk to teaching them what to talk, a child learns all from the parents. The language you use, the philosophies you possess, the teachings you give play a major role in framing and nurturing a young mind.

So now if the parents have the responsibility to raise a child, a child who in future turns out to be an asset for the nation and themselves, it becomes there responsibility to have a strong and clear perspective about life. What you learn, you teach is the basic formula. Children learn from the words and acts of parents and here is the case where parent attitude plays a major part. If you fight against the wrong, respect your elders, have strong views, live life on its terms, live an independent life, respect the other gender, show sensitivity towards the needy, invest in people with loyalty, then congratulations, you are raising a hero! They are learning every bit of it from you.

I agree that not always parents can keep an eye and not always children turns out to be there look alike but there always a mindset that they have generated looking at there parents. If parents treat well each other, they tend to raise a more responsible child. No parents wants there child to be a criminal or go on a wrong track but teaching your kid about the right and the wrong is what helps a them grow into more respectable, happy, responsible and efficient human beings.

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