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Need to make friends

We have heard, read ad believed that man is a social animal. The need to interact and make friends has always been important for ones mental health. From studying in school to working in multi national companies, we came across thousands of people, we talk to hundreds and feel a comfort level with maybe ten. But then it’s always about those ten, who you have earned. Now if we talk the place of family as friends, so yes this is an open minded concept but then there are phases in life, things in life, you might not share to feel comfortable with family. And those things need to be shared with someone else. Especially when you are growing up, there are changes which might can mould you whichever way you prefer. This is the time when you need guidance, support and a feeling of trust. Friends help you look life with different perspectives. Not always your views match but a healthy discussion can lead to conclusions. When we talk about friendship, it is really important for keeping your emotions in check. In friends we find a company to laugh and a shoulder to cry on. Then again friends are the family we choose. And it’s not always true that we find friends in someone of same age as ours. Friendship is not about age but about a comfort zone, a connection. There are less people in world with whom you share things without the fear of being judged or made fun of. This is also true that your choices of friends does change with time. It’s not always easy to maintain all the relations but it’s our responsibility to not to forget the roots. Loyalty and dignity are pillars of any relationship. As far as you have a friend to share your heart out at every stage of life, you are blessed, you truly are.

Keep them. Respect them.




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