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Games and sports has always been an integral part of growing up. A child, while growing up learns various workings, methods, systems and most importantly sportsmanship through playing. Additions, subtractions, directions, symbol identifications, can be taught in class but it’s practical knowledge comes only during games and sports. Also playing helps in development of both mind and body. Increasing stamina, developing discipline, using mind tricks, running and all such activities helps in better working of mind and body leading to overall development.

But now in the changing scenario, with the release of a number of indoor games, there has been a conflict between outdoor and indoor games. Also increased pressure of studies and competition often ends up taking most of the time of childre, in the remaining time, it’s a difficult choice to make whether to go for indoors or outdoors.

Both the games and sports has its own importance in the process of growing up. Outdoor sports like cricket, football, various running sports helps a child to grow physically. A certain amount of physical exercise is important for all age groups and sports fills this gap for the children. A child avoiding outdoors sports often ends up not exhausting himself leading to no proper sleep, ruining the entire cycle. Whereas indoor games like chess, Chinese checker, monopoly etc are various games that helps is mental development. Mind tricks, clever steps learnt through games helps the child to deal with life in a better way and prepares him for future to come. Also it is a way of family bonding as indoor games can be played easily with parents and grandparents. Also with the introduction of more indoor games and also due to lack of security, increased rate of crimes, people do prefer their young ones to indulge in indoor games only but both of the concepts has its own significance.

Sports and games keep a child indulged and avoids his time to be wasted in some other direction. Its helps them to bond with people of their age groups which is an important need as well. It inculcates most importantly the spirit of sportsmanship, the acceptance of sometimes defeat and helps them understand life in a better and more practical way

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