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Family plays an important role in development of a child. Specially in a country like India, family often ends up being the first teacher of children. From moral values to family traditions, a child learns, grasps and develops with and like the family. With the changing trends and lifestyles, the sizes of family has reduced according to the comfort level of people. Smaller the family lesser is the responsibility is the new age ideology. But we cannot deny the fact that living in joint family and living in a nuclear new age family, both has its own pros and cons on the life of a growing child.

If we talk about joint family, the conventional family type. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins; A big family happy or maybe not-so-happy family. Living in such big family has its own advantages from the perspective of a child.

• never comes a feeling of loneliness since the child is surrounding by so many people.

• feeling safe and cared even if parents are working, busy or not at home.

• learning of family traditions since you grow up with these traditions and rituals.

• a feeling of togetherness, sharing and importance of family is known.

But obviously we do have the challenges which motivated the new age parents to opt for smaller nuclear family.

• the lack of quality time with child and spouse.

• responsibility of family which somehow distracts parents from the child.

• lack of personal space and freedom.

• disturbance due to large family.

• if there is misunderstandings in family, if affects the vulnerable mind of the child.

A positive shift towards modern smaller families is seen more in urban areas because responsibilities are obviously more. Each couple craves for privacy and space which brings this concept. But if we look from the perspective of growing child, the fact that family plays an important role in development cannot be ignored. The values that grandparents inculcate playschools and day-cares may fail to provide. The love that uncles and aunts shower may not be done by the house helpers or the nannies. The enjoyment of playing with the cousins cannot be overpowered by the video games or mobile phones. At some point or the other, family does play it’s role.

Therefore there is a need for people to understand that you may not live together with large family but maintaining a connect, a contact and specially with the children is really important and influencing. Make your child do phone calls to grandparents, meet cousins, tell them about their uncle and aunts and keep them connected with their roots because in the end “family is all what matters. “

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