Chin up, sivan!

I will come again and conquer you because as a mountain you cannot grow but as a human I can!

-Edmund Hillary.

Dear ISRO,

Those 2.1km didn’t define you. They would never do. You made 1.3 billion Indians sit together, unite and pray. I mean how often can you see all the Indians being on the same page. A little above from religion, a little apart from politics, sharing a common thought, a common dream. Thankyou for giving us that moment. Thankyou for making us realise that before anything else we are Indians and there is still a possibility that our hearts can beat together.

It’s okay we didn’t reach the moon, but as they say, we landed somewhere among the stars. If this mission would have been successful, I don’t know, if we could have known how we feel for our nation. We felt hurt because we wanted this to happen it for our country. Our India. I don’t know you personally, I know no science, only thing I understand in science is that we are rotating and revolving 24/7 around sun. I know no satellites, no Orbitors, nothing. But still I was sticked to the television. That’s your power. The only thing I know is that you did you best.

So don’t cry. As an Indian I want you to know how proud your Nation is.

Let’s not make moon wait for long!

See you soon chandrma!

(I have heard location of vikram is found! )

-Anushka Bhardwaj

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