A note to 15 year old me.

Hello people, this piece contains a personal touch. Growing up is indeed a rollercoaster ride. Up and downs, success and failures, goods and bads, changes physical and emotional, all is a part of growing of up. It is all organic, what you see, what you hear, what you look up to you end up being.

I am turning 20, the most adventurous I have ever taken too is one to my life. I have grown, I would say rather beautifully, the concepts of beauty I have deals with all what your inner soul possess. I have grown up but there are a few lessons, a few tips I would always regret that I didn’t understand when I was 15. So it’s for all 15 year olds and to myself, my note to self.

Dear Me,

First thing, please look in the mirror, say yourself that you are beautiful, to the girls who just teased you about the looks, please make a bet with them and let’s see where you all reach in next ten years of your life. Got to know that you just tripped in your mathematics class test, it’s okay. You gotta fight back. There’s is so much waiting for you. Tripping will become a part of life and coming back has to be your answer. Okay, no wait, no giving up. Giving up already? Its a beginning girl and your parents have taught you to fight, fight until you have it. And oh, crying? Crying because ain’t getting that guy? Common, wait. The one who needs to come, will come and will stay by your side. Keep’em but not a priority girl.

Life has stored a big surprise for you, I call it life itself. Enjoy this moment, this carefree time, this sweet smell of growing up, this pleasure of discovering, this ain’t coming back. No. Not at all. Live it until it’s gone. Cheers to you from yours.

The 20 year old me.

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